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Minimize the appearance of pores, improve skin texture, and promote a clearer, more balanced complexion

SmartMud™ Calm Soothing No-Mess Mud Mask (Single)

  • Our Calm Soothing SmartMud™ No-Mess Mud Mask is a revolutionary skincare treatment that combines the power of mud and the convenience of a sheet mask. This innovative formula is packed with natural ingredients known for their calming and soothing properties, giving you a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

    Help relieve red, irritated, reactive skin and enhance your skin’s barrier function with this powerhouse sheet mask infused with soothing ingredients. Your skin will instantly look and feel calmer and more hydrated.

    • Pink Calamine Clay: soothes and reduces redness
    • Colloidal Oatmeal: protects skin barrier, locks in moisture, reduces irritation
    • Niacinamide: reduces inflammation, soothes skin, enhances skin barrier

    As the mask dries, it gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving your complexion smoother and more refined.

    Unlike traditional mud masks, our SmartMud™ Mask comes in a convenient no-mess dual-sheet format. Simply apply the sheet mask to cleansed skin, sit back, and let the powerful ingredients work their magic.

    Ideal for: Sensitive, dry, and normal skin. For use weekly in your morning or evening routine.

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