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The Energizing Sheet Mask that Peps Up Your AM Routine (Single sheet mask)


Get ready to kickstart your day with Patchology's invigorating Wake Up Call sheet mask. This revitalizing treat delivers a burst of refreshing energy right to your skin, leaving you feeling awakened and rejuvenated in just ten minutes.

moodmask™ Wake Up Call (Single)

  • At the heart of this mask's power-packed formula lies caffeine, nature's pick-me-up extraordinaire. Derived from orange extract and ginseng, this dynamic duo works in tandem to give your complexion a radiant, wide-awake glow. Wave goodbye to dullness and fatigue as these energizing ingredients get to work.

    But that's not all – Wake Up Call is a true multitasker. Packed with nourishing ingredients it deeply hydrates and plumps your skin. 

    With its invigorating citrusy fragrance and silky texture, this sheet mask is a true delight to use. Simply smooth it over your freshly cleansed face and let the magic unfold as you bask in its revitalizing embrace. Wake Up Call is your secret weapon for glowing, rejuvenated skin.

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