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A pump a day keeps the imperfections away. Remove dead skin cells and dissolve excess sebum with this gentle daily exfoliant now in innovative new packaging. Simply pump the solution onto a cotton round, dispensing just the right amount for easy application. Wintergreen-derived BHAs and Caviar Lime-derived AHAs exfoliate to promote a clearer complexion and give skin a gorgeous glow. Jasmine, Sophora Japonica Flower, and Burdock Root extracts ensure skin is left balanced and conditioned. 80ml 



    - AHAs from Caviar Lime gently exfoliate dead skin cells

    - BHAs from Wintergreen dissolve excess sebum

    - Jasmine, Sophora Japonica Flower and Burdock Root extracts hydrate and condition           

    - Great for all skin, including imperfection-prone or dull-looking skin        

    - Formulated without essential oils   

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