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The Baby Foot Peel for Men is formulated and designed especially for men. The treatment booties fit up to men’s size 14. This innovative foot care product will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot. This scientifically formulated product contains 16 types of natural extracts which exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. The principal ingredient of Baby Foot is fruit acid which is very gentle, when compared with other acids.

This effective and gentle process removes the unwanted dead skin cells that have built up layer after layer. The fruit acid penetrates the layers of dead skin cells and breaks down the desmosomes which hold the layers together.

With this process, skin is undamaged, but peels easily away from the fresh layer beneath. After peeling, your feet are reborn just like a baby’s foot, giving you healthy, beautiful feet. So, say goodbye to rough, dry, cracked soles, by using a product that really works!

Mint Scented

Exfoliation Foot Peel For Men

    • Wet feet thoroughly. This will soften the skin thus allowing maximum penetration of the gel
    • Cut along the dotted line and place foot in the bootie. Repeat for second foot
    • Secure booties with attached adhesive tape
    • Soak feet in the gel for 1 hour as instructed on the back of your Baby Foot pack to allow to gel to be absorbed
    • Place a pair of socks over the Baby Foot plastic and leave on for the duration of the treatment
    • Remove the packs and wash feet gently with soap
    • Soak your feet in water daily to activate the peeling process. This is essential – water activates Baby Foot
    • Dead skin cells will start to peel between 3 and 7 days after initial application
    • Do not forcibly remove dead skin cells when peeling begins
    • Peeling amount and time may vary from person to person and peeling can take 1- 2 weeks to occur
    • If your feet have a dry skin build up, we recommend a second application of Baby Foot 4 weeks after the first application

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