Revolutionize your beauty routine with this set of 5 extra-soft SigmaTech® fiber brushes and matching Beauty Bag. Featuring patented interlocking ferrules in a glossy black color, these dynamic brushes seamlessly apply and blend all your favorite formulas for a fierce and flawless finish--no matter how you use them!

Untamed Collection Multi-task Brush Set

  • Set Included:
    • F25 Tapered Face - Place blush,
    highlight or under eye powder
    • F40 Large Angled Contour - Softly
    contour the cheekbones
    • F47 MultitaskerTM - Quickly apply
    foundation, blush or contour
    • E55 Eye Shading - Evenly apply color
    across the lid
    • E27 Detail BlendingTM - Achieve
    precise, controlled blending

    • Beauty Bag - Chic storage for touch-
    ups on the go

    *Only brushes are waterproof