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Bio-tech treatment virtually erases the look of pores with every use—and decreases pore count over time (only when applied properly by gently tapping onto pores).


Size: 0.5 FL. OZ.

Targeted Pore Corrector

  • Must be gently tapped onto pores (not rubbed in!) to see instant results

    Pores: You know you can’t shrink them (their size is genetic) but you can target the root cause that makes them look bigger—and subsequently make your complexion look smoother. This pore-vanishing treatment fills and blurs to virtually erase the look of large, dilated pores. And from the first application, a potent bio-tech copper amino acid blend targets the loss of pore elasticity (a root cause of oversized pores), so pores look smoother and smaller the more you use it. A little goes a long way to visibly conceal and constrict pores—all without clogging or suffocating skin. Follow the step by step to apply properly for results

    Which skin type is it good for?

    • Balanced
    • Oily
    • Dry
    • Combination

    ~Features a bio-tech copper and amino acid blend (building blocks of skin-strengthening collagen) that makes pores appear smaller over time (when applied properly)

    ~Smoothing soybean extract reduces the appearance of dilated pores​, as ginger extract helps reduce shine

    ~A soft-focus complex blurs so skin looks smoother and large pores are practically undetectable 

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