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Enjoy this limited-edition, eco-friendly brush set, featuring 8 custom makeup brushes hand-picked by beloved beauty influencer and makeup artist, Samantha Ravndahl. Made with recyclable packaging from biodegradable kraft paperboard and vegetable-based ink, this full face brush set is great for eco-friendly beauty lovers at any skill level.

“Throughout my career as a makeup artist, I always believed in the value of investing in good tools. I’m so excited to share this curated set with you, featuring some all-time favourites and new designs. I can’t wait to see what you create!” - Love, Samantha


    Detail Shader - Evenly pack color onto the lid with exact control
    Detail Pencil - Draw detailed lines or smudge color with precision
    Shader – Crease - Precisely apply + blend color in the crease
    Winged Liner™ - Achieve precise control for winged liner
    Detailed Blending - Seamlessly blend out harsh color lines
    Concealer Blend Kabuki™ - Stipple on concealer or color-correcting formulas
    Tapered Contour - Sculpt + blend contour shades with precision
    Fan - Expertly sweep on highlighter or setting powder

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