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A versatile, all-in-one palette of expertly coordinated, silky-smooth shadows for rich, buildable color and limitless looks. Gentle & safe for sensitive eyes.


Naturally Matte - Buttercream, Hush, Cider, Eggplant, Fudge, Pecan

Naturally Glam - Feather, Lace, Tulle, Velvet, Satin, Sequin

Solar Flare - Aurora, Corona, Sunspot, Orbit, Flash, Cosmic

Pure Basics - Lace Panties, T-Shirt, Silk Blouse, Leggings, Classic Pumps, Pashmina

Storm Chaser - Lightning, Rumble, Calm, Thunder, Rain

PurePressed Eye Shadow Palettes

    • Six expertly coordinated shadows for limitless looks.
    • Finely milled mineral pigments for richer, truer color.
    • Soft, buttery texture for smooth application & easy blending.
    • Long-lasting, creamy formula for color that won’t crease or fade.
    • Nourishing natural ingredients moisturize and soften for a visibly smooth appearance.
    • Gentle & safe for sensitive eyes.
    • No Talc.
    • Always cruelty-free.

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