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Softens, hydrates and transforms lips at night with proven plant extracts and vitamins. Our unique Plant Ceramides formula restores lip moisture barrier while protecting from water loss. Organic pomegranate Plant Sterols, Beet Extract, and Vegan Collagen improve lip cell structure, increase lip volume and fight signs of aging.




  • Apply to clean lips at night

  • Is this an overnight lip treatment serum?
    A lip treatment formula specifically formulated to function as a problem-solving treatment serum formula. This overnight anti-aging lip treatment formula can be worn while you sleep or during the day for silky smooth hydration and plumping benefits. This is a 100% skincare formula specifically made for your lips and here’s how: Organic Pomegranate Sterols penetrate lips to help increase hydration and improve moisture barrier. Vegetable Collagen maintains lip structure, firmness and plumpness while Organic Beet Extract adds a natural plumping effect. Turmeric and Vitamin E further help fight against environmental stressors. Natural minerals defend from digital damage. The Ceramide-rich formula will help boost hydration, protect moisture barrier and give your lips a more youth-like bounce.

    Did you know the skin on your lips is different from the rest of your body?
    Quick fact: The only natural source of protection your lips have is saliva, which isn’t very effective at preventing dry, cracked or painful lips. The Fitglow solution? A protocol that’ll work to smooth, hydrate and feed your lips skin-nourishing benefits. How does Fitglow do it? By creating formulas made with 100% skincare specifically made for your lips.

    Why are Ceramides important in the formula?
    Our unique multi-moisture barrier building and protective complex naturally derived from Plant Ceramides and Pomegranate Sterols deeply penetrates the lips for an instant boost of hydration and nourishment. This mighty ingredient will lock in moisture while preventing water loss and increasing the plumpness of your lips. Plant ceramides will restore your dry and parched lips with an instant boost of hydration.

    Does the Night Lip Serum have a scent?
    The natural scent comes from the ethically responsible grown ingredients that are harvested and freshly made in small batches. These naturally derived ingredients give the lip serum formula its natural vanilla and cocoa aroma with a hint of pomegranate. Due to harvest conditions throughout the year, slight variation in aroma may vary.

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