Whether you're looking for sleek definition during the day or dramatic looks at night, our long-lasting liquid eyeliner is highly pigmented and easy to use.


Lash Domination® Liquid Eyeliner features a unique pigment-dispersion system that uses shaker balls to ensure an even flow of rich, nourishing color. A versatile tapered felt tip makes this water-resistant liquid liner exceptionally user friendly.


Color: Black
    • All day, water-resistant liquid eyeliner
    • A quinoa protein complex nourishes the lashes at the roots
    • Creates thin or thick lines, depending on desired look
    • Shaker balls disperse pigment to ensure an even flow of rich color and inhibit separation
    • None of our products are tested on animals
  • 1. Shake three or four times prior to each use for saturated pigment.

    2. Apply from the inner corners outward.

    3. Use thin or thick strokes until desired look is achieved.