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Uncover this travel-friendly treasure trove of jewel-tone eyeshadows, featuring elegant mattes, lustrous shimmers, and dazzling metallics. This palette is perfect for adorning your lids in the most exquisite shades for every occasion.

How Do I Use It?

Apply a shade of your choice to your lid to create your desired look.To ensure a seamless look, diffuse any harsh color lines using a blending brush in windshield-wiper motions along your crease.


Cushion - Ginger root matte
Coral - Light cantaloupe metallic
Rose Quartz - Muted pink matte
Malachite - Rich green-blue metallic
Canary - Bright yellow metallic
Mystic - Soft lavender shimmer
Fire Opal - Reddish orange matte
Smokey Quartz - Warm brown matte
Garnet - Snapdragon pink matte



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