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Turn it up with this euphoric, electrifying palette, featuring vibrant matte, shimmer, metallic, and frost hues. A unique spin on your classic pink palette, you'll create hypnotizing looks with every shade!

How Do I Use It?

Apply a shade of your choice to your lid to create your desired look.To ensure a seamless look, diffuse any harsh color lines using a blending brush in windshield-wiper motions along your crease.


Spotlight - Light pink frost
New Wave - Soft pink with light blue shimmer
Last Call - Vibrant chrome-brass metallic
Pop - Bubblegum pink matte
Euphoria - Deep magenta shimmer
Cosmopolitan - Dark cerise matte
Bright - Neutral peach matte
Scene - Bright peach metallic
Distortion - Deep grunge-brown matte


  • Gross Weight: 2.56oz./72.7g
    Packaging Description: 98mm (L) x 12.5mm (W) x 99mm (H)

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