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A volumizing, waterproof mascara that separates and defines lashes.



Glide on amped-up lashes with this ultra-defining, smudge-proof mascara. The vitamin-enriched, clumping-resistant formula deepens, darkens, and intensely thickens, while the curvy, hourglass-shaped molded brush evenly coasts lashes - separating and defining - from root to tip.


  • To avoid dark, messy circles: apply mascara to the top side of lower lashes. Lashes are naturally thicker at roots, so apply mascara on tips first to thicken them. Sweep on mascara from root to tip to get them truly voluptuous. Brush on mascara in thin layers, applying as many coats as desired.

    PRO TIP: The Ultimate Fanned-Out Effect

    After applying mascara, use the tip of the nylon brush to push and lift:
    1. Inner corner lashes towards the bridge of the nose
    2. Center lashes towards the middle of your brow
    3. Outer corner lashes towards your hairline

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