Fat and the Moon's Aloe lotion was concocted in the thick of a cold, dry and relentless Brooklyn winter. Though the ingredients are gentle, this lotion showed no remorse to our dry and chapped hands and faces. We've been slathering it on ever since. This unscented lotion can be used for face and body alike. Aloe hydrates and blocks UV rays while the coconut oil holds in moisture and protects the skin, so it's fantastic for summer bummers like sunburn.** Sunflower oil is rich in Oleic acid and is high in vitamins A, D and E which nourishes dry and damaged skin.

In terms of comparison, the Aloe Lotion is to the All Cream as sour cream is to cream cheese. Yum. This lotion is my absolute go to for my sensitive skin peoples.

For best results use within 4 months of purchase

2 fl oz

Aloe Lotion

  • - aloe vera*
    - sunflower oil*

    - coconut oil*
    - elderberry extract
    - beeswax


    2 fl oz


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